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Maximizing a Small Space Architect Tour

Architect John Hopkins takes you on a tour of the big little backyard house


Length: 6:09
Produced By: Gary Junken

As if designing a 540 sq. ft. house wasn't enough of a challenge, architect John Hopkins had a 12-ft. height limit and a protected California live oak on site to preserve.

"It's a great thing to have limitations," he says. Follow Hopkins on a guided tour to see how he met every design challenge with a solution (including integrating that live oak into the deck design) that ultimately serves to make this little house feel big.

Want a different perspective? You can also watch a video tour by the homeowner, Billie McKig.

And to learn even more about this house, read the Fine Homebuilding article: The Big Little Backyard House.

Video by: Gary Junken

From Fine Homebuilding187 (Houses)
April 18, 2007