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VIDEO SERIES: How to Reproduce a Corbel

Furniture maker Michael Fitzpatrick shows how he builds exact copies of architectural details for the restoration of his 19th-century house

Length: 1:39
Produced By: Chuck Bickford, John Ross, and Rob Wotzak

All Videos in This Series:

  -  Introduction
  1. Make Templates and Blanks  
  2. Cut the Rosette Parts  
  3. Cut the Pyramid  
  4. Assemble, Glue-up, and Shape the Corbel  


Michael Fitzpatrick ( grew up in Suffern, N.Y., under the influence of his housewright and furniture-maker grandfather. After studying engineering in college, Michael took up woodworking and restoring old houses in the Boston area, eventually refining his stock in trade to cabinetry and architectural details. After attending the North Bennet Street School in Boston, he switched to full-time furniture making. His recent acquisition of an old house ( in Westborough, Mass., put the brakes on furniture and placed him back in restoration mode, which is where we caught up with him.

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