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Rockwell JawHorse Ruined by Infomercial?

comments (0) November 24th, 2009 in Blogs
JFink Justin Fink, Senior Editor

Video Length: 1:21
Produced by: John Ross

Infomercials are a handy marketing tool, but they can also water down the credibility of a tool, in my opinion. If you've seen my latest Tool Hound video, you know that I think the Rockwell JawHorse has merit. It's an all-metal, solid clamping station, and folds up to a compact package for moving and storage.

the jawhorseAnd though I learned a few uses for the tool that I hadn't thought of on my own (like holding 4x4 posts upright while backfilling the holes), I also experienced reactions that included laughter, annoyance, fear of safety, and general skepticism.

Miter Saw Station - If you ask me, the moment when a high-RPM, 12-in. diameter, 100 tooth miter saw blade is plunging into a piece of nested crown molding is NOT the time to worry about the tripping hazards or stability of a 3-legged miter saw station.

A second pair of hands - Why bother asking for some help from your spouse or children when you can wheel an 40-lb. clamping tool into your living room to hold up one end of some 3-in. wide chair rail while you fasten it to the wall? After that, you can kick up your heels and crack open a cold beer...with a gas-powered chainsaw. awkward angles - Do I really need to make a comment about the absurdity of the photo shown below? Really?

I'm clearly poking fun at the infomercial, but I'm really sort of disappointed because I think that at some point these fantastical examples, booming voice-overs (MONSTER TRUCK, TRUCK, TRUCK!) for a truly GREAT tool start to muddy the waters for the rest of the consumers.

I'll let you watch an excerpt from the infomercial from YouTube to see for yourself:

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