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Large Knee-wall Cabinet

comments (3) December 7th, 2009 in Project Gallery
AHW AHW, member

Click To Enlarge Photo: Artisan Home Works LLC

Twenty foot long by five foot high custom knee-wall cabinet. Includes four large file drawers, panel door shelving units, large pull out storage compartments along bottom of cabinet(s). Also includes drop down desk on one end.

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Design or Plan used: My own design
posted in: Project Gallery, remodeling

Comments (3)

AHW AHW writes: Thanks for the kind comments. The existing space had an ugly cabinet already built into the space, that the customer hated. It was used as a load bearing wall holding the existing rafters in place. I removed the existing cabinet and framed, plumed, and leveled a new wall to carry the load, leaving space for the new cabinet carcasses to slide in. The space behind the cabinet about 36" deep was already insulated and vented so no extra insulation was needed. Also behind the cabinet is a crawl space to access existing electrical and venting. The access point is under the drop down desk. The cabinet carcasses were built of 3/4" clear maple plywood and trimmed with custom maple molding.

Happy Woodworking and Happy Holiday's,

Posted: 2:53 pm on December 14th

WebLawMan WebLawMan writes: I like this, since I have a similar situation in my upper loft. It looks like he knocked out the wall board of an existing knee wall and then wrapped the vertical 2x4's with a plywood casing, thus creating a small shelf at the top. An elegant solution. If the built-in was done when the loft was framed in, then I guess this explanation doesn't hold water. Also, I hope that either batt or rigid foam insulation was installed on the cold side of the cabinet box, and air sealed along the top portion adjacent the roof rafters. My question: In a situation like this, do the installers put in those foam channels, used along the lower soffits to prevent insulation from along into the eve vents, along the top of the cabinet box to insure that there is a continuous air flow towards the peak of the roof or is it just stuffed with insulation? Or is this even a concern?
Great stuff.
Posted: 12:39 pm on December 14th

mags468 mags468 writes: this is a very good use of what usally wasted space. i am remodeling my sons house and the next room i have to do is my grandsons with knee walls and i hope you don`t mind am going to copy. Thanks Nick
Posted: 11:19 am on December 8th

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