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IBS 2010: We're Taking Questions on New Tools and Products

comments (4) January 8th, 2010 in Blogs
ManKnit ManKnit, executive producer

Check out 10 Cool Tools and Materials from at IBS 2009.

A few of us from the Fine Homebuilding edit staff are headed to Las Vegas next week for the 2010 International Builders' Show, better known in the trades as IBS, an unfortunate acronym also used in reference to the unsoundly stomach disorder. But I digress.

The annual event is actually one of the biggest deals for tool and building product manufacturers who show off the latest and greatest products headed to market. The question this year is what will that look like, and will anyone be there to buy into it?

Model Home? IBS 2010: The Model Home Gets a Reality Check
A case study in irony: Construction stops on 6,000-square-foot showcase home dubbed 'The New American Home' after falling victim to the credit crunch. Read more...
Schluter foam core tile backer board IBS 2010: Schluter Introduces new Foam Core Tile Backer System
Structural panels will ease the process of making tile partitions, walls, and structures for bathrooms and more. Read more...
Kohler low-flow toilet IBS 2010: More Bang for Your Flush in Kohler's 1.28 gallon Toilet
With water conservation top of mind Kohler showed off its new 1.28 gallon one-piece toilet at the International Builders' Show here in Las Vegas. Read more...
New Bosch compact drill drivers
IBS 2010: Bosch Shrinks Compact Cordless Line and Beefs up Battery
New compact cordless tools push the limit on size, power, and design. Read more...
Touch n seal spray foam insulation IBS 2010: Spray Insulation Rigs for the Rest of Us
Looking to get into the spray insulation business but don't want the huge investment? Here's a new portable unit you might be interested in. Read more...
GE hybrid hot water heater IBS 2010: Promising new water heater
GE released the first Energy Star rated water heater that uses heat pump technology and smart controls for significant energy saving potential. Read more...
New Stiletto speed square IBS 2010: Stiletto to Introduce New Titanium Square and Knife
The maker of high-end titanium hammers and prys shows off prototypes of its upcoming speed square and utility knife, due out later this year. Read more...
IBS 2010 Recap IBS 2010: Day One Round Up of New Tools and Products
From entry-level spray foam applicators to a rainwater collection system to some smaller gadgets and accessories, here's what caught our eye at day one of IBS. Listen to the audio slideshow...

Get your questions answered
Before we jet off to warmer pastures, we want to know if you have any burning questions. Post a comment below and when IBS debuts on Tuesday, Jan. 19, we'll hit the show floor with camera and notebook in hand, and report back with answers in this very blog.  

Energy Efficiency, Cool Tools, and Innovative Materials
This year's show is expected to have a lot to see in terms of energy efficiency and cutting edge building products. And there's always the tools. 

We plan to take a closer look at Senco's breakout Nitrogen-powered nailer, which we wrote about earlier from the at the annual STAFDA show (Senco unveils a nitrogen-powered cordless nailer).

My email inbox is also filling up quickly with press releases and announcements from companies like Ridgid, which is hosting a VIP event for the press that we don't plan to miss, and Craftsman, which will be participating in the NextGen Builders Challenge Home with a garage solution set up in one one of the awesome spec houses that will be erected in the parking lot of the convention center. (read our story about the model house that won't be on display.)

General Electric also said it plans to show off a hybrid water heater. And The Tapco Group said it will be demonstrating new brake systems for custom bends and roll forming, as well as new innovations in its line of roofing products, shutters and Foundry Stone Siding.

Of course, that's only the tip of the iceberg if you recall from our coverage of last year's show and the line-up of exhibitors at this year's show. Stay tuned...

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Comments (4)

Tim_in_Kansas Tim_in_Kansas writes: Can you look at the synthetic roofing products.

I am begininng to recieve some buzz from Homeowners looking into alternatives to composite roofing.

I am interested in your take or review.

Posted: 8:40 am on January 18th

Mike_Guertin Mike_Guertin writes: GE is supposed to introduce a residential sized (170 lb, 6 ft high) low wind speed, turbulent windflow, ridge mounted wind turbine. It has a unique design and supposedly it's cost effective. But no one's seen it in real life. Grill the GE people. N2303
Posted: 10:17 pm on January 14th

mcdavis mcdavis writes: Milwaukee 6955-20 12" Miter - it was a saw you highly recommended...I find it does a pretty good job, but have noticed that sawdust leaks everywhere...Is this a known issue, perhaps the bag clogs too easily and doesn't allow the air to exit fast enough, blowing the dust all over? I heard rumors of a dust collection attachment, perhaps that will help? Any feedback would be appreciated...

I also saw a new miter table by Milwaukee, when will it be released?

I don't recall an article reviewing/testing saw blades (12", Milwaukee), but it would be interesting to know who is currently top of the bunch...for various applications, of course.

Posted: 3:38 am on January 12th

enduringcharm enduringcharm writes: Yeah, I've got two questions you can pose to all the power tool manufacturers.

#1 At the end of every day I pack up my power tools in the plastic blow-mold cases they came in, and every day it is a struggle to fit the various attachments into the case, as well as to coil the cord perfectly and fit the tool precisely enough to close the damned case. Only one manufacturer that I own provides a roomy bag-style case for its tools. I actually prefer a well made plastic case--but PLEASE give me some room in the case to hold everything that is packed in the real world. I'd gladly pay more for a case I can shut without re-engineering the packaging every day.

#2 Many of the power tools I own were obviously not designed for carpenters working in the real world, because they have motor exhaust ports blowing directly into my eyes, or the ports are placed right where your hand needs to be. They often direct (intentionally or not) exiting sawdust into my eyes too. Hey--I'm not working on a test bench. I'm scrunched up in a crawlspace with spiders crawling down my back, a toilet leaking on my head, my nose touching the tool, and no one around to hear me curse at the engineer who didn't realize that sawdust blowing into my eyes is not conducive to getting the hell out of this uncomfortable position quickly.

Forget the pretty colors and the plastic doo-dads--I need a tool I can take into the crawlspace with me everyday, push it hard, and then pack it away for the night without a set of blueprints.
Posted: 7:37 pm on January 11th

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