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Milwaukee Job Saw Kit

comments (0) January 14th, 2010 in Blogs
JFink Justin Fink, Senior Editor

Video Length: 1:28
Produced by: John Ross, Edited by Cari Delahanty

I grew up watching MacGyver use his swiss army knife to get himself out of all sort of jams (special thanks to duct tape, too), so it's not surprising that I'm a fan of the multi-tool concept. The most frequently used mutli-tool on a jobsite is probably the multibit screwdriver, but my new favorite is the Milwaukee 11 piece job saw utility kit ($40). Basically a series of blades that chuck into a handle with a reciprocating saw style collet, this little kit is quick to set up, and a sturdy performer on even the toughest tasks. It's not as compact as a Swiss army knife or multi-bit screwdriver, but it's still small enough to sit behind the seat in a pickup truck or the top shelf of a jobsite storage box without getting in the way.

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