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Caution: Hard Hat Area

Caution: Hard Hat Area

Bobcat Ballet

comments (1) April 29th, 2010 in Blogs
rwotzak Rob Wotzak, Web Producer

  If you learn to drive like these guys you wont need a  trailer to get your excavator to the job site.Click To Enlarge

If you learn to drive like these guys you won't need a trailer to get your excavator to the job site.


Is this something you would try in a pinch?

When trailers are hard to come by and you just need to get that machine home:



Bigger machines call for bigger moves

Watching that first skillful driver reminded my of an even more impressive feat of machine maneuvering that I found a while back:



Which only goes to show that there's almost always a way to get things done if you're willing to risk ruining some pretty expensive stuff.

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Comments (1)

shuswapkev shuswapkev writes:
lookin good...
worked in japan for a while...this was how machines were floated over there...usually the truck had a pair of rams behind the cab...boosted the front wheels up maybe 6 feet and till the deck was near the ground and then machine was walked off or on ...easy peasy... and a very quick operation...
Posted: 5:50 am on May 10th

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