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Playhouse and Swing

comments (5) June 2nd, 2010 in Project Gallery
hoopitup hoopitup, member

playhouse & swing
playhouse, porch and fire pole
inside.  first two bunks.  bottom one folds flat against wall to open up floor area.
top bunk
barn style door with peep window
playhouse & swingClick To Enlarge

playhouse & swing

Built this playhouse and swing set for my kids, Gracyn (6) and Ryan (2).  Wanted something different than you see in ever other backyard so came up with this design.  It has 3 bunks inside for sleeping.  The bottom level bed/stairs to second bunk can fold flat against the wall to open up the floor area for more play room.  The top deck is roomy enough for additional play area upstairs.  The fire pole is a favorite among kids and for some reason, a little scary for the adults!  Underneath the playhouse is the first floor deck area where the kids can spread out in the shade for lunch or crafts.  It has quickly become their favorite place to hangout. 

Design or Plan used: My Own Design - Kevin Cox
posted in: Project Gallery, outdoor spaces, craftsman, treehouse, Playhouse, swing
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Comments (5)

K8hall K8hall writes: Amazing. Do you have plans or a cut list available?
Posted: 9:55 pm on June 27th

chanelleanglesey chanelleanglesey writes: I would also be very interested in a copy of the building plans! Are you selling blueprints?
Posted: 11:24 am on January 12th

cdanish cdanish writes: Hello! I LOVE this playhouse! Is there anyway you could give me the plans/dimensions? I would pay you for the plans to this playhouse. It is one of the best ones I have come across.
Posted: 9:16 am on June 16th

SquatchFoot SquatchFoot writes: Hi,
This is a great playhouse!
I am looking to build a similar one for my kids and had a couple of questions about yours, mostly about the deck.

1. How far are the posts set apart on the playhouse?
2. What size are the posts?
3. What size lumber are the beams and joists?
4. What are the deck dimensions?
5. Is the swingset made out of 2x4's?

Thank you so much!

Posted: 12:33 pm on June 6th

juliamcg juliamcg writes: THIS is fabulous! I am looking for a similar design ... now that the kids are using it, is there anything you wish you had incorporated but didn't? Anything you plan to add? My kids are 10 (girl), 8 & 6 (boys).

Did you find any other websites that helped you figure out what to include? I am coming up empty - except for your design. Best I've seen, hands down.
Posted: 3:11 pm on June 10th

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