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Products and Materials

Products and Materials

Pre-assembled Woven Shingle Corners by Maibec

comments (0) August 25th, 2010 in Blogs
MikeGuertin Mike Guertin, editorial advisor

Maibec outside woven corner shingles
Maibec inside woven corner shingles
Maibec outside woven corner shinglesClick To Enlarge

Maibec outside woven corner shingles

Photo: (c) Mike Guertin


Maibec takes the effort out of weaving shingles at inside and outside corners with their new pre-assembled corner pieces.  The corner shingles are cut with the side angle so all you have to do is stack the corners and lay up field shingles.  Shingles are packaged in matching pairs with a piece of tape.  The tape allows you to shift either shingle into the outer position for proper alternating weave from course to course. 

The pre-assembled woven corners come boxed with 24 pieces, enough to weave 10 vertical feet of corner at 5 in. +/- exposure.  You’ll end up paying between $4 and $5 per linear foot.  That may sound like a lot but when you calculate how long it takes to lay up a hand-made corner, you’ll probably come out ahead.  Plus the shingles are prefinished all the way around, including the cut corner edges.

 The Maibec web page describing the corners states “The maibec Woven Corner Inspired by top shingle installers.”  Perhaps that’s a nod to the article Fine Homebuilding published in issue 184 [Weaving Shingle Corners, Production-Style].  In the article I described how to determine the angle of woven corner pieces and how to make ripping sleds to cut your own.  One important point in the article is that the angle of the first shingle of a woven corner is slightly different than the angle of the second shingle.  Maibec takes a shortcut with their woven corner shingles; they split the difference so both shingles in a pair have the same angle.  Does it make a difference?  Not really.  Because of the flexibility of shingles, you can tweak them a little for a tight inside or outside joint.  You can also take a final lick or two with a plane for a precise fit – you will however lick off the finish in the process.

 And even though Maibec notes that the woven corner shingles are designed for a 5 in. exposure, you realistically have an exposure range of 4 ¼ in. to almost 6 in.

You can get more information at the Maibec woven corner shingle web page and view a somewhat staged but still informative video on YouTube. 

Yeah, and the Maibec woven corner shingles are white cedar.  You’ll still have to cut your own red cedar shingle corners.


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