Video: Bosch Axial-Glide Miter Saw - Fine Homebuilding
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Video: Bosch Axial-Glide Miter Saw

comments (11) October 7th, 2010 in Blogs
JFink Justin Fink, Senior Editor

Video Length: 4:7
Produced by: BlueCrew4

You've heard us talk about the new Bosch Axial-Glide Miter Saw, and you will find a full review of the saw in our most recent issue of FHB. Now you can watch Bosch's 4 minute video tour of all of the saw's various features.

Once you're done drooling over the video and have easily convinced yourself that you can't live without this saw, click here to enter our sweepstakes for a chance to win.


Good luck!!


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Comments (11)

rpm007 rpm007 writes: What I hate is I don't have one!
Posted: 7:39 pm on October 16th

AAguy AAguy writes: I thought I already posted a comment. Why am I getting this twice? Also, how is the sweepstakes entered?
Posted: 10:50 pm on October 11th

VAbear VAbear writes: Mine is an antique 14" Makita. Lovely smooth cuts but no reliable repeats. No compound cuts. Still - My better saw would compound cut. I'd love a blade size that was the same as my 12 table saw. To hold up 16'lengths I'd use a collapsible end with roller. On either side of the roller a straight piece to which I could clamp a stop to prevent the awkward long pieces from sliding off the roller, away or towards me. Finally a simple clamp on the fence for repeated small cuts and a finer laser beam for more precision thank you. One more thought- I keep pieces of 1/4 "plywood cut to a true 45- 22.5 degree. Is it possible to make a saw whose fence stays true to a stamped mark on the table that would do the same?
As long as it doesn't call in to Microsoft to verify its O.S. I'll be happy ;)
Cheers all
The Virginia Bear
Posted: 9:37 pm on October 11th

supercoop supercoop writes: What I like about my miter saw is the ability to cross cut 16" what I hate is the lack of good dust control.
Posted: 7:29 pm on October 11th

MrMike27 MrMike27 writes: What I loved about my saw was it was my first. What I hate is that after 4 years it can't cut a straight line through paper. My saw has gone the way of Craig's List and now I have a hole to fill.
Posted: 6:03 pm on October 11th

keimon keimon writes: My miter stand is cumbersome and bulky not to mention my miter saw is limited in ability.
Posted: 4:30 pm on October 11th

kraftworthy kraftworthy writes: i love that my miter saw stand is my table saw. i hate that my miter saw stand is my table saw.
Posted: 4:18 pm on October 11th

RMSHEPARD RMSHEPARD writes: I love my miter saw for what it does, BUT it does not provide combination cuts, which now do need. I have had this saw for some 15 years and I just finished the floor molding in my new bathroom and it did just fine [2-d], but now I have to do some crown molding - ARRRGH! It is going to be a pain in the butt!
Posted: 3:26 pm on October 11th

carlson52 carlson52 writes: What do I hate about my current miter saw stand? Very simply, MY MITER SAW!!!. I've had my saw for 12+ years and no matter how often I tune it for accurate cuts, I can't seem to find a sweet spot. After seeing how accurate the Bosch saw is, I would love to have it! Bosch makes the best tools and I wish I could afford to have all my tools replaced by Bosch, but I would definitely settle for the miter saw.
Posted: 2:47 pm on October 11th

real2x4 real2x4 writes: WHERE do you click to enter the sweepstakes????
Posted: 12:17 pm on October 7th

Dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher writes: I heard it's more accurate than a Festool Kapex.
Posted: 10:08 am on October 7th

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