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My Saw Stand OR You get what you pay for

comments (3) October 11th, 2010 in Project Gallery
kordertv kordertv, member

Harbor Freight catalog imageClick To Enlarge

Harbor Freight catalog image

I went for the least expensive stand I could find back when and now regret it. I purchased a Central machinery Stand from a cheap outlet place and it looked good when I got it. However over time I have noticed the lack of quality in construction has effected how well it has held up and it has begun to give me problems. Bars have bent, bolts are stripping, and it no longer folds up very well. I guess I should have saved up my money and waited to buy something better but it got me by in some situations where it was better than not having a stand at all.

Design or Plan used: Not specified
posted in: Project Gallery

Comments (3)

whalehouse whalehouse writes: Next time you should take a look at the Skil saw table. I paid $90 for apparently what is a discontinued item but it works as well as any top of the line table I have seen. They are available on EBAY from overstock liquidators
Posted: 5:09 pm on March 24th

Dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher writes: I own that stand also, and it has served me well for over 7 years of professional use. I realized when I bought it that the fit and finish of some of the parts were a bit off but not so much to impair the function of the stand. I did have some bolts that bent here and there but it was no huge inconvenience to replace a few with better quality nuts and bolts

In my opinion, it does what it is supposed to do. It holds my saw, holds my work level to my saw, folds up compactly, and rolls to and from the job site.

I can say for sure I got my money's worth (I only paid $60) out of this stand. If you don't feel the same, try investing in the original quality HTC brand version of this stand next time....for $400.

Posted: 10:14 am on January 15th

jmseligson jmseligson writes: I also own the stand pictured. It is clumsy to use, but I rarely move it and it takes up very little room. I'll keep using mine until I have to replace it.
Posted: 12:40 am on October 12th

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