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Quick Change Nail Set

comments (0) November 28th, 2010 in Blogs
MikeGuertin Mike Guertin, editorial advisor

Bostitch Quick Change Nail Sets
Reversible nail sets fit into the 1/4 in. hex drive body with quick release collar.
The 1/4 in. hex body fits standard screw driver bits so you can use the tool as a bit holder in a pinch.
Bostitch Quick Change Nail SetsClick To Enlarge

Bostitch Quick Change Nail Sets

Photo: (c) Mike Guertin


I carry small and medium nail sets in my finish vest to sink heads my trim nailer doesn’t.  But when I reach in the pocket, it’s a 50/50 chance I get the right sized set.  The Bostitch Quick Change Nail Sets put an end to that.  The set has a reversible tip that works like an interchangeable screw bit holder.  The release collar near the nose slides forward to unlock the double-ended nail set ‘bit.’  The bit has 1/32 in. and 1/16 in. ends and a standard ¼ in. hex mount. 

I’ve been known to beat on a standard screw bit holder to drive a Philips bit into a cheesed-up screw head; and often the bit either locks permanently into the holder or the holder cracks.  So I was a little leery how durable the Bostitch Quick Change design would be – so I tried setting my vice into the bench.  I whacked on the Quick Change nail set with about 4 times the force I’d ever need to drive a nail into hardwood.  Aside from blunting the tip a little, the quick-change collar still works fine. 

One neat side feature of the Quick Change – since it’s based on the standard ¼ in. hex driver, regular screwdriver bits fit.  So now my nail set doubles as a small screwdriver in a pinch.

Street Price - $7.99



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