Build This Sliding Truck-Bed Drawer, and Get Easy Access to All Your Tools - Fine Homebuilding
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Theres a Better Way

Build This Sliding Truck-Bed Drawer, and Get Easy Access to All Your Tools

comments (6) January 13th, 2011 in Blogs
grateful.ed Chuck Miller, editor at large

Video Length: 1:17
Produced by: John Ross

Build your own sliding truck-bed box with stuff you probably have lying around the shop

If you've got to get to the tools in the back of your truck, you could crawl in there on your hands and knees, but there's a better way.

Brad Moritz of Charlotte, North Carolina has figured out a way to make a sliding storage drawer that extend five feet beyond the tailgate of the truck. It's a two-piece system that consistes of a stationary base and a sliding toolbox.

The base is a sheet of plywood with two 2x4 rails, each topped with several upside-down casters. The base isn't bolted in to the truck, but you could bolt your own in if you were worried about it moving around.

The toolbox is also made of plywood and 2x4s, and it just glides on the casters on the base rails. The thing that keeps it from tipping as you pull it out is another pair of casters attached to the base by plywood arms that hook over the top of the moving box.

Slide the drawer back in and you've got access to an under-storage portion where there's room for ladders, levels, shovels, rakes, brooms, or painting poles.


Click here to see drawings and a detailed description of how Brad built this sliding toolbox.

Plus, see another great custom truck-bed drawer sytem designed and built by a reader.

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Comments (6)

MarcioWilges MarcioWilges writes: This is too awesome! I have always developed a liking to almost every single piece of furniture with wheels ever since I bought my mobile serving tray. Moving the furniture around the house has never been so much easier and serving guests take much lesser time than usual. Hence, this sliding truck-bed is no different as it screams convenience out loud and hassle is nowhere to be found.
Posted: 9:38 pm on January 14th

MarkSindone MarkSindone writes: It's an interesting idea to compartmentalise storage in your car but if you're expecting to move around bigger and bulkier items, you're going to want an all-around capacity for space and cutting it in half just won't do!
Posted: 11:42 pm on September 3rd

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Posted: 11:08 am on April 5th

Mastrcarpenter Mastrcarpenter writes: I have had a very similar set up in the back of my truck for about 8 years now. My design slides on waxed wood runners. I like the idea of the rollers and the storage underneath. I would suggest that you have a wood bulkhead attached to the front of the sliding bed to keep any objects from flying through the rear window in case of a panic stop. I also have a tool box built in at the front of mine to store certain items in that I don't want exposed. It can also be locked up. I also use mine for setting up a miter saw on the back or a DeWalt table saw. A pair of drop down legs gives it stability for doing this.
Posted: 3:41 pm on January 17th

BGodfrey BGodfrey writes: I should add another note on truck bed storage. If you Google for "pack saddle liner" and you'll find some narrow, tall white boxes with handles. They hold a lot, are incredibly strong, and are easy to lift in and out (unless you fill them with tire chains, towing equipment, and bungees as I have). You can bungee them to the side of your truck near the tailgate and they are handy for tossing that bag of hardware into, or those one or two cans of paint that you don't want rolling around the back of the truck.
Posted: 2:55 pm on January 17th

BGodfrey BGodfrey writes: That looks like a great idea. But if you don't have the time, or need to have more flexibility in the back of your truck, go to a marine supply store and buy an extendable boat hook. I keep mine set at 8' and resting on the side rails. The canopy clamps keep it in place unless you go over some really rough bumps and it is both out of the way and within easy reach when needed even if the bed is full of stuff.
Posted: 2:50 pm on January 17th

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