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Drying rack

comments (2) January 31st, 2011 in Project Gallery
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Click the "thumbs up" button above to vote for this tip. Help us choose Fine Homebuilding's top-10 window and door tips

Photo: Drawing by Chuck Miller

We preprime and varnish a lot of the trim we install in houses, and finding a good place to let the material dry without getting in the way used to be difficult. To solve the problem I came up with the drying rack shown in the drawing. I make the brackets out of standard 2x dimension lumber. Using a drill press, I drill 1-in. dia. holes 6 in. apart for 3-ft. long, 1-in. dowels. As shown in the drawing, the brackets lean against the wall at a 20° angle, and the holes are oriented at a 70° angle so that the dowels end up level while the racks are in use.

I space the racks about 6 ft. apart and start loading
them from the bottom up. It's amazing how
much material they will hold and how strong
they are. I've even used them to hold freshly
painted doors.


Daniel E. Perry, Vineyard Haven, MA 

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posted in: Project Gallery, windows, doors

Comments (2)

HandymanDIY HandymanDIY writes: This is a great idea! I've been looking for a quick, low cost trim drying rack. I'll give this a try.

Posted: 4:34 am on February 10th

olefredrickson olefredrickson writes: I attached these 2 x4 to the ceiling of my shop and when not in use I clamp them to the ceiling.
Posted: 6:10 pm on February 8th

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