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Flashing for Hose Bibs - QuickFlash Review

comments (4) January 28th, 2011 in Blogs
Matt Risinger Matt Risinger, Blogger

Video Length: 3:38
Produced by: Matt Risinger

I absolutely hate caulking.  I realize it's a modern necessity of home building, but I really want to eliminate it as a means for waterproofing my houses.  These flashing boots for wall penetrations reduce the caulking at our siding to aesthetics NOT WATERPROOFING.  All is right in my world again!  I can't find these locally so I buy mine online and keep a stash of all sizes at the office so we can bring them to the jobsite when it's time to install siding.  -Matt Risinger

posted in: Blogs, weatherizing, roofs, water and moisture control, plumbing, siding
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Comments (4)

mmoses101 mmoses101 writes: Matt,

Great product. A little hard to find and the Allied moulded are not easy either.

But I'm left with a question about detailing these outlets. I understand the detailing at the WRB but not on the outside. When building walls out 2 3/4" thick from the outside of the stud to the outside of the siding (1/2" plywood, Tyvek, 1"XPS, 3/4" Rainscreen, 1/2" Siding) you're left with a gap.

For example the depth on the E-SGB-C is 1 3/8". The quickflashing goes at the WRB layer, that still leaves 2 1/4" (2 3/4 - 1/2 plywood) to the outside of the siding. That means i'm left with a 1 1/8" gap. how do you deal with that?
Posted: 10:59 am on August 3rd

Quickflash Quickflash writes: Matt and Mike thank you for the shout out. We try to make Quickflash easily available, but we need everyone’s help. Please ask your local supply houses to bring it in as we offer to sell to anyone. We will ship anywhere and offer a few different online sources in which to order.
If you would like a sample please contact us at 1-800-963-6886 or

Posted: 12:04 pm on February 14th

Matt Risinger Matt Risinger writes: @MikeGuertin: Yes they are hard to find. When I worked in the Pacific NorthWest they were stocked at my local lumberyard. Now that I'm in Austin, TX I order mine online. My usual source is Call them for "builder" pricing rather than ordering online. Great company with lots of hard to find products for high performance building. Appreciate the comments. Matt Risinger
Posted: 12:10 pm on February 7th

Mike_Guertin Mike_Guertin writes: I concur that QuickFlash flashings are great. Unfortunately they aren't widely stocked so many people don't know about them.

In addition to this review, you can also find a short review on QuickFlash electric outlet flashings I wrote in FHB in 2004 here -

Check out
Posted: 3:35 am on January 30th

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