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Products and Materials

Products and Materials

Recommended Fasteners for Decking

comments (1) March 9th, 2011 in Blogs
MikeGuertin Mike Guertin, editorial advisor

Several decking companies include recommended screws and hidden fasteners in their installation instructions.  These recommendations are offered as just that, a recommendation – not necessarily a requirement.  In general the decking companies have tested the recommended fastener brands but that doesn’t mean you can’t use another.

It’s always good when trying a decking and hidden fastener combination that fall outside the branded or recommended categories for the first time to contact both the maker of the decking and hidden fastening system and inquire about compatibility.  In many cases, both companies have either worked together to check compatibility or tested each others’ products.

This list includes all the decking now listed in the Deck Mates article.  Check that one out for a list of branded decking fasteners.

And if you have additional information that is different than what I have listed here, please post a comment with a citation to your information source and we'll update the list. 

Decking Brand

Recommended Fasteners

Kodiak / Deceunich EB-TY Oasis EBEOA-1/8" and Wadsworth Deck Clip QF 100
Portico Eclipse Tiger Claw TC-G
GeoDeck Tiger Claw TC-3S and Hidden Link
Nexwood ShadoeTrack, DeckMaster, EB-TY
LifeTime Lumber Tiger Claw TC-2S and ShadoeTrack
NyloBoard Hidden Link and EB-TY EBE0015TP
CEVN HIDfast and Tiger Claw TC-3S


The Following Have

No Recommendations

ChoiceDek (AERT)

No Recommendations

Moisture Shield (AERT)

No Recommendations

Brite Decking

No Recommendations

Endura Guard

No Recommendations

Premium Composites

No Recommendations

Gossen WeatherReady

No Recommendations

Tamko Elements

No Recommendations

VEKAdeck No instructions
EverGreen No instructions
Redi Deck No instructions

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Comments (1)

Benjamin1988 Benjamin1988 writes: The list provided is helpful. Will definitely look at these products for my upcoming deck project.

Posted: 4:31 pm on March 27th

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