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Tiger Claw Installation Gun

comments (1) March 11th, 2011 in Blogs
Mike_Guertin Mike Guertin, editorial advisor

Tiger Claw Installation Gun
Fasco InvisiDeck Nailer
Tiger Claw Installation GunClick To Enlarge

Tiger Claw Installation Gun

Well known for their hidden decking fasteners, Tiger Claw has the Tiger Claw Installation Gun, a metal connector style nailer with a specially designed nosepiece to mount their grooved deck board fasteners. 

You slide the fastener sideways onto the nosepiece until it locks on; this ensures the pneumatic screw will drive through the mounting hole.  The nailer needs to be placed nose-first to the board groove at about a 45-degree angle so the outreaching tab of the fastener engages the slot.  Then you lay the magazine flat down on the joist and fire. 

If you are standing on the deck boards then you end up operating the nailer ‘backwards’ with the nailer body facing you which takes some practice.  Alternatively you can lay a plank across the open joists and operate the tool from the rear.  The important thing is to keep the joists free of deck boards and walking plank for about 18 in. in front of the decking line so you can drop the magazine flat on the joist.

The Tiger Claw Installation Gun can be used to install Tiger Claw TC-G (TC-150), TimberTech ConceaLoc Clip, Trex Hideaway Fastener, Gardian Ghost Grip and InvisaDeck I-CLP Clips.

There’s an audible ‘click’ when you slide a fastener onto the nosepiece and it locks on.  A set screw on the nose needs periodic adjustment so the fasteners lock on securely.  So if you don’t hear that ‘click’ and the fastener feels loose, grab the Allen wrench.

Fasco America offers the InvisiDeck F36 RHN33-38 DT nailer, which is essentially the same tool and fits the same fasteners at the Tiger Claw nailer. 

Both tools drive Fasco 1 ½ in. 33 degree collated Scrail pneumatic screw fasteners that are coated black to match the hidden fasteners.

Video of the InvisiDeck nailer

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Comments (1)

Benjamin1988 Benjamin1988 writes: I have been thinking of putting a wooden deck in my backyard but the work always appeared to me to be somewhat daunting. I think this tool would eliminate a lot of the hard work.

Posted: 4:28 pm on March 27th

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