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Jack helping us move the basement stairs

comments (3) March 16th, 2011 in Project Gallery
b_ward b_ward, member

Wheres my pencil?
Throw me a snowball!
Start of new opening to the basement
Wheres my pencil?Click To Enlarge

Where's my pencil?

We got 2-year-old Jack, a Shetland Sheepdog, a month ago from a couple that could no longer keep him.  He is new at carpentry but he's a fast learner and doesn't sleep on the job. 

The project Jack and I are working on is the moving of our ranch's basement stairs from the kitchen to a new location, which was once a very small bedroom.  The stairs will be where Jack is sitting.  The plywood wall behind him will be the back wall of our new master bedroom closet.  Plywood gives a nice backer behind the drywall to mount various hangers anywhere in the closet without having to hunt for studs. 

One bonus from the move is having 30" added to the length of our dining room.  Another is gaining about 45 square feet in the kitchen.  (

Design or Plan used: Our ideas improved by our architect, Jeff
posted in: Project Gallery, architecture, remodeling, kitchen, stairs, basement, ranch
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Comments (3)

johnludvig johnludvig writes: woww.. how cute... hes good looking as well
Posted: 7:10 am on March 18th

MarcioWilges MarcioWilges writes: It is good to have a helper around because moving a flight of stairs is definitely not an easy task to handle alone. I have done a DIY job by myself a few months ago and I regret not approaching a few friends or family to come lend a helping hand. Nevertheless, I have to say that it was a full sense of accomplishment because I know which level of capability I have within me.
Posted: 9:34 pm on February 1st

AudreyGreenwood AudreyGreenwood writes: He is one handsome fella I must say. Well, to be honest Jack, moving has never been an easy task for me personally. I hope your presence would be of a great benefit to your new found owner. You look enthusiastic there too, so I think you are all geared up and ready to move those stairs away to the new location with much ease. I wish you and b_ward all the best and remember to ensure all those tools will go back into their designated boxes once all the works have been done up okay. This is just to ensure safety around the house, especially for you Jack, who I bet are always mischievous and super active. Good luck!
Posted: 10:49 pm on June 29th

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