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Tool Hound Favorites: 12-in. Hemostat

comments (0) July 18th, 2011 in Blogs
JFink Justin Fink, Senior Editor

For today's random, favorite, can't live without tool, we hear from web producer, Rob Wotzak:

"I got one of these hemostats as a Christmas present from my wife's uncle last year. I had remembered using one as a teenager to clamp a fuel line shut before pulling the carburetor off of my '62 Cutlass, but because I don't work on cars much anymore, I figured that this one would just collect dust on the back of my workbench. I was wrong. I've since used it for many tasks, from retrieving a slipped drawstring from my daughter's hooded sweatshirt to pulling caulk and debris from around old radiator pipes where they penetrate my old pine floors."      - Rob Wotzak

Sounds like the kind of tool you would find a lot of random uses for over the years, especially in hard to reach areas! $9 buys you this problem-solver at It's also worth looking into the curved nose version of this tool.

Got a favorite tool you want to share on Tool Hound? Let me know!


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