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Modified Better Barns 12x16 Plan

comments (3) August 2nd, 2011 in Project Gallery
Brad_Nailer Brad_Nailer, member

Front view of the finished barn.
Side view of the finished barn.
Interior view showing loft
Front view Sketchup render of my model of the modified 12x16 plywood sided barn.
Framing view Sketchup render of my barn
Front view of the finished barn.Click To Enlarge

Front view of the finished barn.

I purchased Tauntons "How to build a shed" several years ago and I really liked the 10x16 cedar sided plan so I looked up Better Barns online and ended up purchasing the 12x16 plywood sided plan. I re designed some of the wall structure and I eliminated two windows and made one of the doors a single 36" wide door. I am a professional CAD drafter by trade so of course I had to do a full Sketchup model of the barn based on the plans to use as a construction guide, and just so I could see my changes and make sure they worked for me.

The book turned out to be a real godsend, even though it was a different plan they built in the book. Allot of the construction methods were the same and I saved a ton of time and stress by following Mr. Truinis tips on things like assembly, truss construction, and materials selection. I did 80% of the construction myself, and it took the better part of three months to complete. I used T1-11 siding, and western red cedar for the doors, and trim. The window sill, and the transom window are made from Spanish cedar. It was allot cheaper than western red and it moves allot less as well and I like the look of it.

I finished it off with Sherwin Williams true color stain to match my house, and I also painted the floor with high wearing floor paint with sand added. I cut out the center bottom truss chord, framed off the opening and decked the trusses with some plywood and created a loft that nearly doubled my storage space. I considered building a ramp to get my Cub Cadet lawn tractor inside but I thought it would ruin the whole look of the barn. I ended up making removable ramps out of 2x10's and store them out of sight under the barn.

Design or Plan used: Better Barns 12x16 Plywood Colonial Plan 2017
posted in: Project Gallery, finish carpentry, shed, sketchup, barns, storage building
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Comments (3)

Evildog1 Evildog1 writes: I'm a high school shop teacher and planning on doing a shed project with my students. We have used SketchUp to design the sheds and other projects, would love to see your variations on the Better Barns plan. I live close to the Better Barns company I believe they went out of business. If you would like to share any ideas you might have on producing this shed with students please give me an email at
Posted: 12:53 pm on September 29th

user-3601462 user-3601462 writes: How can I obtain a set of these modified plans? This design is just what we have been looking for. Thanks, Stu Finlayson.
Posted: 5:46 am on September 13th

rjherald rjherald writes: Brad
I am about to build the same shed this summer. Would it be possible to get a copy of the SketchUp files so I can see what you modified? Send to if you dont mind. Thanks a bunch

Posted: 6:19 pm on March 30th

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