Garden Shed - known as 'Little Girl' - Fine Homebuilding

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Garden Shed - known as 'Little Girl'

comments (1) August 2nd, 2011 in Project Gallery

Front view of our garden shed.
Garden Shed beside vegetable garden.
Front detail of bird houses.
Front view of our garden shed.Click To Enlarge

Front view of our garden shed.

The garden shed is utilized for gardening tools, plant food and fertilizers, and our bee keeping supplies. It becomes a storage shed for patio furniture during the colder months. The stone wall that can be seen behind the garden extends into the garden shed and becomes its back wall. 

The two birdhouses located in the front gable end have been home to many families of wrens and recently has been invaded by a family of grey squirrels.

The shed was designed and built by Tom Beattie, the homeowner.

Design or Plan used: My Own Design - Tom Beattie
posted in: Project Gallery, architecture, storage, shed, stonework, shingle style

Comments (1)

ajmeyers ajmeyers writes: Wow, this is awesome. I sent in an entry too, but I know who would get my vote. Very nice work!
Posted: 6:30 pm on August 6th

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