Streamside Storage Shed - Fine Homebuilding
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Streamside Storage Shed

comments (2) September 11th, 2011 in Project Gallery
grpphoto grpphoto, member

Right front. You can see the stonework of the opposite stream bank behind it.
I saw rain guards like these on a colonial era house in Princeton and used them as a model.
The bay window is basically two cheap 36 sliders in a 2x4 frame. The paint color was chosen to blend in with the spring foliage in the morning.
Inside. The narrow side window is just a piece of custom-cut glass held in place with 1x material screwed to the siding.
Ladder storage. I still have a lot of work to do organizing things. The original pilings are visible here.
Right front. You can see the stonework of the opposite stream bank behind it.Click To Enlarge

Right front. You can see the stonework of the opposite stream bank behind it.

Photo: photo by George

When we bought our house, it came with a cheap metal shed on pilings made from telephone poles. It was leaky, dark, and low. Even my wife banged her head on the top of the door frame. It had to go, but, due to wetlands protection laws, I couldn't change the foundation. I decided to build a new one on the same planform, but I did put in a bump-out for a bay window. I used DeltaCad to draw up the plans.

The original justification for the bay was to give Elisabeth a shelf and light for potting and to let me photograph birds, but really I just thought it would be cool to build one from scratch. The small front window was salvaged from our lower floor bathroom when I upgraded that. I painted the inside white to improve visibilty - there's no electricity there.

Construction is straightforward 2x4 framing, with 2x6 rafters and ridge pole. I used T-111 siding, but, if I were to do it again, I would use wood shingles to match the house. The grooves in the siding had to be done with a brush, and each coat took about 3 days just for that. After doing the grooves, rollering the main wall surface was a breeze. If I had used shingles, the time saving painting it would have more than paid the difference. The roof line was deliberately chosen to match that of the house, and the mutton chops are similar to those on the house.

Design or Plan used: My Own Design - George Patterson
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Comments (2)

Michaelmaloney1 Michaelmaloney1 writes: I agree with Mel Brandle on this one. It looks like one of those sustainable living storage containers in my opinion. Done up very nicely too! I could foresee the inside of the cabin out as a hunting lodge even.
Posted: 9:54 pm on September 15th

MelBrandle MelBrandle writes: Wow! I'm really impressed! The storage shed really looks like something that could even be livable in, and not just for pottery items and photography. I can really see you with a lounge chair in there and a pair of binoculars cosied up to the window trying to capture the birds in the area. I bet that you've really felt proud when you completed the storage shed huh! And rightly so! Good on you mate!
Posted: 3:12 am on June 16th

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