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Theres a Better Way

Make Your Blowtorch Safe

comments (4) October 13th, 2011 in Blogs
grateful.ed Chuck Miller, editor at large

Video Length: 1:14
Produced by: John Ross

If you're working with a propane torch, you can't keep your fire extinguisher on hand and hope you don't knock that torch over. But there's a better way.

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Propane torches are tippy. They are tall, narrow, have a small base, and thay have a FIRE coming out of them! So, if you have a propane torch you migh just have some plumbing materials laying around like a toilet flange, a piece of 3-inch pipe, and a chunk of three quarter inch plywood. Now, you can make a propane torch caddy.

Just screw the toilet flange (upside down) onto the plywood and drop a section of 3-inch pipe into the flange. Now place the torch into the pipe and you've got a propane torch caddy that's going to be really tough to knock over. 

And, it can sometimes be the third hand you need to hold the torch while your trying to solder two pieces together with your hands.

Great tip!


posted in: Blogs, safety, plumbing

Comments (4)

smalld smalld writes: Kudos on the camping supply tip - leaves you with a more stable and a more COMPACT propane bottle! One other suggestion for those hard to reach and more challenging locations use a flex line attachment (gas rated) on your bottle and torch, you'll find life a whole lot easier.


If you didn't notice it, you probably weren't paying attention! -rrm

Posted: 2:52 am on October 25th

kenmoum kenmoum writes: You can also make a much cheaper version of this by substituting a 3" end cap for the toilet flange.

Just drill a couple of holes in the end cap and screw it to the plywood.

I've made some holders for other stuff using different sizes of pipe, and I like the thin-walled 4" drain because it's so light.

Posted: 10:48 am on October 24th

Derek G Derek G writes: Here's my tip: Go to a camping supply store and purchase a lantern base. They fit both the large diameter propane tanks and the smaller diameter propane and Mapp gas tanks.
Posted: 9:00 am on October 24th

WorkshopJon WorkshopJon writes: All good advice, espcialy the "propane torch holder" except he had mapp gas. (it was yellow, not blue or red) doen't really matter......but?

Jon Beuchert
Williams Studio, Colgate, WI
Posted: 8:57 am on October 24th

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