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House Crashers and Transform Fourth Home Renovation Together

comments (0) January 17th, 2012 in Project Gallery
Finished remodel, featuring LED lighting by
Finished remodel, featuring LED lighting by
Laser-cut steel panel lit up with LED lighting by
Before home transformation
Before home trasnformation
Finished remodel, featuring LED lighting by EnvironmentalLights.comClick To Enlarge

Finished remodel, featuring LED lighting by

Photo: House Crashers featured in its fourth episode of House Crashers, a hit TV show on the DIY Network, a leading source for high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting products, will be featured in its fourth episode of House Crashers, a hit TV show on the DIY Network. Their dimmable LED strip lighting and LED under cabinet light systems have proven to be a contractor and homeowner favorite.

"We really enjoy working with the House Crashers team to design LED lighting systems to fit their home renovations," said co-founder and vice president of, Anne Thorson. "It has been so rewarding to work with them and see the beautiful results, and we hope that this partnership continues for a long time."

To view all House Crashers episodes featuring, visit their YouTube Channel at:

The House Crashers team, led by host and licensed contractor Josh Temple, traveled to Cleveland find a homeowner shopping for do-it-yourself projects. When he found a shopper willing to take him home, Josh brought in his team of experts to create a dramatic renovation as seen in episode "Cleveland Wine Bar Basement."

"We were so surprised when the House Crashers crew approached us at the store," said Drew, homeowner from Cleveland remodel. "The whole experience was incredibly fun and we had a great time working with the team. It was a lot of hard work, but Josh helped to lighten the mood and keep everyone in good spirits. It was a blast."

In true House Crasher fashion, the crew worked tirelessly to transform the homeowner's dark and dingy basement into a one-of-a-kind wine bar and hangout space for adults. The design features under-stair wine storage, copper topped bars and a fireplace surrounded by laser-cut steel wall panels lit up from behind with LED strip lighting. Temple chose to install the dimmable LED strip lighting because of its flexibility, high brightness and easy installation. In this installation he chose the color "daylight white," but other color options are available including warm white, red, green, blue, amber, and color-changing.

"It was so thrilling working along-side House Crashers and our family and friends," explained Drew. "The reveal was the best part when we actually saw it all come together. And when the lights came on it really transformed our basement."

In order to control the brightness of the LED lighting, the House Crashers team installed a Leviton Magnetic Dimmer and 240 Watt 12 VDC dimming power supply, as recommended by This system offers the homeowner the flexibility to control the lighting and atmosphere of the space. It also ensures that the proper voltage is provided to the LEDs and they are not overdriven due to repeated excess current – which would damage the LEDs and shorten the life of the system.

"The LED lights really set the mood downstairs when we have guests over," said Drew. "The wall feature is really striking, and we can easily dim the lights to create a lounge-like feel in the room."

LEDs are one of today's most energy-efficient and rapidly changing technologies. Contractors as well as interior designers recommend updating residential and commercial properties with upgraded lighting not only for cost-savings, but for the effects that LED lighting can have on a space. has tested and documented a variety of lighting systems, and can recommend and design the ideal system for any property.

Design or Plan used: House Crashers TV Show
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