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Throw Away Your Hammer Stapler and Get a Pneumatic Cap Fastener

comments (0) November 11th, 2011 in Blogs
JFink Justin Fink, Senior Editor

Video Length: 4:36
Produced by: Colin Russell

For a long time now, hammer tackers have been the standard for installing house-wrap and roofing underlayment. That's about to change. The problem is that staples alone don't meet manufacturers specifications for fastening most mateirals. And that means, by extension, they don't comply with building codes either.

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Nowadays, cap fasteners are going from best practice to code required. Let's take a closer look.

There are 5 different options, from tin caps, to pneumatic coil nailers. Here's an overview of all the current systems on the market:

Hand-Driven Options

  • Tin-Cap Fasteners - Place cap onto the surface and install using either a hammer-tacker, hand-driving a nail, a pneumatic roofing nailer or stapler.
  • Pre-Collated Caps and Nails - These caps and nails are long enough to hammer through and are great for installing rigid foam. However, their bulkiness limits the amount you can carry in your nail pouch.

Pneumatic Tool Options

  • 20-ga. to 21-ga. Cap Staples - These staples are a great choice for installing housewrap and roof underlayment, but only if its going to be covered by shingles the same day with limited foot traffic.
  • 18-ga. Cap Staples - These fasteners come in longer lengths and are ideal for installing roof underlayment as well as thicker materials.
  • Cap Nails - The main advantage of cap nails in the extra length the provide over staples. These also allow for the instilation of thick rigid foam.

For more on cap fasteners read "It's Time to Switch to Cap Fasteners" from FHB#224.

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