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Temporary No-pest Vent Cap

comments (0) November 21st, 2011 in Project Gallery
swc_boise swc_boise, member

Before closing up our Idaho remodel for the season, I made a final walk-around to check for openings where pests might find their way in over the winter. I noticed an open plumbing air vent pipe that needed to be weatherized. I created a quick, semi-permanent, pest-resistant cap for the pipe using foil heat tape and an electrical locknut. Stack 4 layers of foil tape over the end of the pipe, wrapping it over the lip by about 1/2". Screw the locknut onto the taped end; it should lock down tightly with just a couple turns. Use a finish nail or awl to carfully poke a grid of about 20 holes in the foil. You can forego the hole or substitute a square of wire mesh. In my case, the the fit was perfect between 1-1/2" diameter ABS elbow (actually 2-1/4"O.D.) and the 2" diameter PVC locknut. The cap should last at least through the winter.

Skye Cooley
Boise ID

Design or Plan used: Not specified
posted in: Project Gallery, weatherizing, plumbing, air vent, pest, winterize, pipe, cap

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