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Editor's Notepad

Editor's Notepad

Top 10 Fine Homebuilding Videos of 2011

comments (0) December 25th, 2011 in Blogs

Video Length: 2:20

Fine Homebuilding's authors, editors, and video producers have been working overtime to bring construction tips and techniques, and tool reviews to life in our weekly videos. This year's most-viewed list includes videos from each of our popular series, including There's a Better Way, Building Skills, and Tool Hound. These videos cover everything from basic framing skills to expert-level drywall techniques, serious tool tests to ingenious home-spun tips.

Watch the videos above, or follow the links below:

1. Roll Compound on your drywall seams for faster, easier taping

2. Top 10 tips for wall framing layout on a new subfloor

3. Frame decks faster and easier with ThruLOK fasteners

4. Build a sliding truck-bed drawer for eaasy access to your tools

5. How to trim a hollow-core door to height

6. Fixing framing problems: Sighting crooked studs, headers, and beams

7. Plane doors more easily with a shop-made jig

8. How to stop paint from bleeding under masking tape

9. Tool review: Bosch's GLL2-80 dual-plane leveling and alignment laser

10. Money-saving tips for protecting your truck bed


Plus, watch all of the videos in our complete video collection, including these memeber-only how-to series:

Install and tape drywall

Tile a shower

Install a new window in an old opening

and many more...




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