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How to Calculate Rafters for Intersecting Roof Planes the Easy Way

comments (0) January 26th, 2012 in Blogs
TheTimberTailor Matt Jackson, member

Intersecting roof plane rafters for a porch roofClick To Enlarge

Intersecting roof plane rafters for a porch roof

Plane and Simple

Using a rotary dial phone never seemed problematic to me, that is, until I tried the new-fangled touch-tone design. In comparison, figuring rafter layout with a framing square and rafter tables was acceptable until I got a construction calculator. And now, with access to SketchUp as a "visual calculator" rafter calculating is really plain and simple. (one of those plains is mispelled). This video shows how I go about modeling and measuring a shed roof rafter in 4.25:12 pitch:




The more I use SketchUp for this type of construction math, the more I come to rely on it. While there is no substitute to the depth of insight and knowledge of roof framing gained in the jobsite environment it's nice to have access to such a powerful tool for crunching layout numbers. All I need now is someone to show me how to text with my rotary dial phone and I'll be set...


You can download the Intersecting Roof Planes Model created in this blog post from the SketchUp warehouse by clicking here if you want to use it as a virtual guinea pig.

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