Weekly Wrap, Episode 2: Reframing a Garage Door Opening - Fine Homebuilding
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Project House Official Blog

Project House Official Blog

Weekly Wrap, Episode 2: Reframing a Garage Door Opening

comments (7) January 20th, 2012
DanMorrison DanMorrison, Member

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Video Length: 3:57
Produced by: Rob Wotzak

In episode 2, Dan Morrison and Patrick McCombe talk about re-framing the garage door opening. Patrick decreased the opening from an 18-ft wide hole for an overhead door to a 8-ft. hole for a pair of carriage doors.

They also talk about how to overcome a bearing problem on an old cracked driveway apron, how the new siding types will tie together, and cheapskate windows.





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Comments (7)

pbernhardt pbernhardt writes: Whatever became of this project? It was pretty interesting, but nothing new in over a year. Wassup with that?
Posted: 4:59 pm on April 6th

DanMorrison DanMorrison writes: Glad you guys like our new show.

The low-budget thing is not just a gimmic. We do not have any budget for this, but we have the blessing to remodel if we can roll it in to our existing magazine and video budgets. Good thing we're so thrifty!

A lot of the feature video and magazine articles will focus heavily on how-to aspects, so these Weekly Wrap-ups can look a little closer at design.

On the OSB question, we felt that the face would be protected with FC siding and we peel-and-stick-ed the heck out of the lower area where splashback, snow, and any other moisture issues could take root. I suppose if we were swimming in cash, we could have sprung for a little more expensive grade of plywood, but we think we'll be fine as it is.

Carriage doors: We have a feature article on the construction of these doors in the next issue of FHB -- we just shipped it to the printer last week, and it out to be in your mailboxes in about a month. By then, you will have seen the Weekly Wrap-up video where Justin and I talk about these doors in the FWW woodshop.

If we were going to keep the new doors in the same plane as the existing exterior wall, we would have needed to pour footings before blocking up to grade so that we could frame on something stable. We kind of wanted to get after it, so we did what we did.

Thanks for the comments guys,

Posted: 8:17 pm on February 13th

chevypc chevypc writes: I have blocked up many garage doors, and I never want them to look like a blocked up garage door. The design of the opening is a nuce look. I prefer to lay cement block along the bottom of the opening to match the existing foundation, and frame the wall on top. This allows you to match the siding, and keep the framing off the ground. With regard to using OSB. I prefer OSB to plywood. It stands up much better to the weather than plywood.
Posted: 11:01 pm on February 1st

Dennis77 Dennis77 writes: The carrage door idea really appeals to me. I've been searching for ideas to renovate a garden house with double 8' garage doors (quite ugly).
Posted: 8:10 am on February 1st

ThomasHood ThomasHood writes: Interesting project with attractive facade drawing. My only reservation is why would you use cheap OSB sheathing and particularly so close to grade. For a modest amount more you can get vastly greater durability and longevity with exterior plywood sheathing. I drive by sites and even some expensive ($2M-$3M) spec homes have OSB installed as sheathing & roof decking. I can't believe it.
Posted: 3:28 pm on January 31st

woodentoys woodentoys writes: Finely, someone came with the right idea. Doing a remodeling with a budget that matches the average Joe. We (I)low income, need to see shows and videos that are for our budget, not for guys like MIT Romney, more like Rick Santorum.Keep up the good work!
Posted: 11:34 am on January 30th

lizwh lizwh writes: I really liked this -- a presentation that talks about design and budget realistically.
carrying the window in the plane of the wall was a nice touch.
Posted: 7:53 am on January 30th

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