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Project House Official Blog

Project House Official Blog

How to Paint Fiber-Cement Siding

comments (0) February 10th, 2012 in Blogs
patrick_mccombe Patrick McCombe, Associate editor

Video Length: 2:36
Produced by: Colin Russell

One of the products we're seeing more and more of is fiber-cement siding. It's got a number of advantages: it's rot proof, it's insect resistent, and it's relatively inexpensive. We had pro painter Jim Lacey show us the right way to prep and paint it.


Jim's tips include:

-Make sure the fiber cement is free of dirt and mildew

-Do not prime the siding (it comes pre-primed)

-Use 100% acrylic paint

-Caulk transitions where fiber cement meets trim

-Use a quick-dry, flexible, paintable caulk that is designed to bond to fiber cement and your trim material

-Smooth caulk with your finger; wipe away excess with a damp rag

-Don't put too much paint on your brush (less is more)

-Work from top to bottom

-Follow the grain pattern


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