Project House Weekly Wrap, Episode 6: How to Plan Siding Details for Rain Screen Walls - Fine Homebuilding
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Project House Official Blog

Project House Official Blog

Project House Weekly Wrap, Episode 6: How to Plan Siding Details for Rain Screen Walls

comments (0) March 16th, 2012 in Blogs
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Video Length: 11:46
Produced by: Colin Russell

The Fine Homebuilding editors explain why laying out furring strips for shingles and clapboards on their garage shop was such a challenge

Rain-screen details help your siding, and the wall beneath it, last longer by creating a ventilation and drainage space behind the siding. In this episode of the Project House weekly wrap-up, Fine Homebuilding editors Dan Morrison and Justin Fink explain how installing siding over furring strips isn't that difficult-until you come to the corners. Because the Project House garage shop has a lot of corners, Justin and his crew have plenty of opportunites to show you how to work around them.

Click here to read about and download a sample rain-screen siding-installation construction drawing from's CAD-detail library. You can also sign up for a 10-day FREE trial (if you're not already a GBA member) and get access to dozens of other siding details plus hundreds of other cutting-edge construction drawings.


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