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Digital Job Site

Model and Measure: De-Mystifying Hip Roof Framing by Measuring in SketchUp

comments (0) March 27th, 2012 in Blogs
TheTimberTailor Matt Jackson, contributor

Measuring modeled jack raftersClick To Enlarge

Measuring modeled jack rafters

What You See is What You Measure:

Using the model explained and created in Part One and Part Two of this three-part series we can measure every angle and length required for actual rafter layout. This video shows easy steps to use for accurate measuring:

With a bit of imagination I think you'll realize that there is a whole lot more information available in the hip roof model than the few features covered in the video. Every length and angle contained in the model is easily measured for layout purposes, well beyond the basic hypotenuse dimensions generated with rafter tables and calculators.

Visual Advantage:

I hope you see the visual advantage of this model and measure method over more traditional rafter table and calculator methods. While there's no calculation shown here that can't be figured any number of other ways I find it a handy feature when access to a computer is available. Also, the more complex the roof problem the more helpful it is to use the Model and Measure system. If viewer interest dictates I'd be willing to demonstrate the modeling aspect of this method to show off-angle or mis-matched pitch hip/valley roof framing and how the method can be used to layout, cut and assemble these non-typical roof systems.

Working Model:

If you choose to download the working model used in this 3-part Model and Measure series from the SketchUp Component Warehouse just click HERE.

I hope you've found some useful information about hip roof framing and modeling in this series. Take a second to let me and other viewers know if you found it helpful (or not) with comments or a thumbs up/ down.

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