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Boat House Rebuild

comments (1) March 28th, 2012 in Project Gallery
WWG_Contracting WWG_Contracting, member

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This is an open-concept boat port with plenty of storage areas for water toys and life jackets as well as shore-side fuel storage. The douglas-fir cribbing is a re-enforcement of the original foundation, and the finished siding is a combo of vinyl-beaded soffit and custommade cedar trim and shake. The decking is western red cedar. The idea behind the materials was to create a very low maintance structure that allows the owners to spend more of their time enjoing the water.

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Design or Plan used: My Own Design - Boat port
posted in: Project Gallery, architecture, finish carpentry, restorations, deck, porch, cottage, garage, shingle style

Comments (1)

tonyiac tonyiac writes: What a GREAT JOB! The Cedar material use was a great idea and even though expensive at first it certainly will pay off in the short term, mid term and long term with less time and money spent on maintainance! I sure would like the plans to this. We r preparing to move to another state and will be looking for a waterfront home to put our Formula PC26 in the back yard in its own boat house to enjoy at any time! It was meant for a reason that this article was in this edition and once I show this to the wife I should have her "on board" with the idea! (Pun intended ) GREAT JOB!
Tony (Norris,Tennessee)
Posted: 7:06 am on April 8th

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