Project House Weekly Wrap, Episode 8: Sweating the Details - Windows, Doors, and Insulation - Fine Homebuilding

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Project House Official Blog

Project House Official Blog

Project House Weekly Wrap, Episode 8: Sweating the Details - Windows, Doors, and Insulation

comments (3) March 30th, 2012 in Blogs

Video Length: 4:41
Produced by: Colin Russell

Editors Justin Fink and Dan Morrison review a smorgasbord of details at the Fine Homebuilding project house shop, including a mock-up of how not to install fiberglass insulation and the recently installed custom carriage-house doors.


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Comments (3)

AllenAndersen AllenAndersen writes: We just installed thin brick to the interior and exterior to our home using brickweb. It was quick and simple to install. It was a lot like tiling. The brick is real brick cut in half and glued to a fiberglass mesh. I got perfect grout lines and you just apply thin set and press on the wall. You can pick from their colors at I bought mine from the Lowes comercial desk, but you can also buy it on amazon for cheep. You can do this easy to install project!
Posted: 10:29 am on July 30th

JFink JFink writes: Good questions.

1.) Yes, that's correct.
2 & 3.) I wouldn't worry about oil paint. 2 coats of oil paint over plaster will give you 1.6 to 3.0 perms (higher the number the more water vapor can pass through). As a point of comparison, 6 mil plastic has a permeance of about 0.06. Even if you get down to around 1 perm, some drying will still occur.
Posted: 10:08 am on April 16th

user-959777 user-959777 writes: You mentioned that you would have air barriers on the outside (staggered seam taped foam) and inside (airtight drywall). I'm thinking the drywall remains vapor permeable so your wall does have a way to dry out, should any moisture make its way in there.
1. Is that correct?
2. Since oil paint is a pretty good vapor barrier, should you avoid using oil-based paint on inside walls?
3. Finally, if the answer to #2 is yes, in an old house which already has oil paint on the walls, would it be a bad idea to add retrofit foam insulation on the outside?
Posted: 12:45 pm on April 5th

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