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Square One: Good Home Design Starts Here

Square One: Good Home Design Starts Here

Design snapshot: Driveway do's

comments (5) April 19th, 2012 in Blogs
KHS KHS, Contributor

Click To Enlarge Photo: Katie Hutchison


Nestled against an enormous rock outcropping, this brick driveway seems to grow organically from its site. The low, canted, boulder wall snakes along the edge of the outcropping and perimeter plantings to delineate two edges of the driveway. Three rows of Belgian block, laid flush with grade in lieu of a more containing wall, comprise the third, thick edge. Within the stone borders, old bricks intermingle with moss to provide a loosely defined car pad that could just as easily function as a modest, pocket patio. For versatile, appealing results, think of the driveway as part of the garden design.

by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast and SquareOne


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Comments (5)

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Posted: 9:24 am on May 15th

KHS KHS writes: Rob and WL_Minneapolis,

Another nice, brick-driveway option that can be a little lighter on your pocketbook, is to install two brick "paths" for the tires and plant grass or a mossy ground cover between and adjacent to the tire "paths". This can have a landscaped look, somewhat akin to the patio driveway in the "design snapshot" above.
Posted: 12:24 pm on April 22nd

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Posted: 10:36 pm on April 21st

WL_Minneapolis WL_Minneapolis writes: Certainly fits that setting well. A more finished driveway would stand out for all the wrong reasons.
Posted: 6:33 pm on April 21st

RYagid RYagid writes: What a timely post, Katie. I’ve been looking closely at driveways lately. It is so obvious when a driveway has been installed without consideration for its impact on the site and home. This is a nice shot and shows what can be accomplished when you care about the details.
Posted: 8:05 am on April 20th

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