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Integrated Night Lights - a worthy weekend project

comments (0) May 1st, 2012 in Project Gallery

Navigating your house in the middle of the night, in the dark, might be easy for you, but what about your occasional houseguests? What about your kids? Mine seem to always have a reason to rouse me for a drink of water, a bad dream recap, etc. One of the best little projects I did in my house was to purchase electrical outlets that have a nightlight built in.  I put one in each bedroom and in several places along the hallways on every floor. They fit where your 2-receptacle outlet is currently installed. They simply replace one receptacle with a night light and give you the other receptacle to plug in your vacuum, etc. 

The light is generally an LED, so it's extremely low energy, and the lighting is just enough to help navigate the passages in your house. My houseguests are able to find the bathroom, my kids can navigate their way to a drink, or more likely to my bedroom to ask ME to get them a drink.

If you can change an outlet, you can install these ingenious little devices. I was able to forego an expensive low voltage safety lighting system and instead paid about $20 each for these. If your are using clunky, plug-in night lights, there is just no comparison. The LED lasts MUCH longer, and the look is sleek. You can find them online or in hardware stores.

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