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Editor's Notepad

Editor's Notepad

How to Stay Cool With a Metal Roof

comments (2) May 22nd, 2012 in Blogs
ScottG Scott Gibson, contributing writer

The beauty of a metal roof A standing-seam metal roof makes it easy to mount solar panels, and roofing materials are durable as well as recyclable. The question is: Does metal roofing make a difference on energy efficiency?Click To Enlarge

The beauty of a metal roof A standing-seam metal roof makes it easy to mount solar panels, and roofing materials are durable as well as recyclable. The question is: Does metal roofing make a difference on energy efficiency?

Photo: Scott Gibson

It's time for David Martin to think about reroofing his house, and he likes what he hears about a standing-seam metal roof. The material is durable, can be recycled, and is compatible with solar panels should he decide to add them at a later date. For these reasons, a metal roof seems to have some distinct advantages over asphalt shingles.

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One thing that bothers him, though, are industry assertions that a light-colored metal roof may be able to cut energy use by as much as 25% when compared to a roof clad in dark asphalt. Given that advertising claims fall somewhat short of reality, he writes in a post at GreenBuildingAdvisor's Q&A forum, should he believe this one?

Although some consumers (and GBA readers) may buy into the idea that metal roofing can win Energy Star accreditation while asphalt shingles can't, that's not the case. As it turns out, Energy Star guidelines are based on performance criteria, not materials.

Read the whole story in this month's Q&A Spotlight.





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Comments (2)

Edward1234 Edward1234 writes: Great Article. Thank you for posting this. You might be interested in checking out fine luxury homes by Brejnik Fine Homes( They build fine luxury houses. Brejnik team consists of qualified and trusted: Architects, Interior Designers, Appraisers / Lenders, Trades & Suppliers, Geo-technical engineers, Structural Engineers, Arborists, Landscape Architects, Pool & Water Feature.
Posted: 5:43 am on May 15th

user-501493 user-501493 writes: I have a MEt-Tile metal roof on both my house and very large garage and workshop. The color is a forest green but the roof is in a simulated spanish tile type design. The result is the roof ventilates itself between the underside of the metal roofing and the roof sheeting tar paper/ice shield. Each convex half tile crates and air path above the roof sheeting and cools the metal roof. HAve had one for about 8 years and one for 3 years and so far I like them. The snow also slides off very nicely.

When I reroofed the house I also added spray foam insulation in the roof in the 'hot roof' style and I felt better about that with the air flow the roofing provides. One drawback of the combination of a metal roof and the 'hot roof' foam insulation is the rain is noisier than when I had the metal roof and traditional fiberglass insulation. I think their is better sound coupling, even though the total R value is greater with the foam.
Posted: 6:31 pm on May 28th

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