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Puget Sound Woodworking - The Shop

comments (0) June 27th, 2012 in Project Gallery
DerrickBurke DerrickBurke, member

Shop view from the main entrance
Two new students finishing up a class
View from the back of the studio
New workbench with some student works in progress
Clamp Rack.  Note the conduit in back, which is my heater - the shop sits above an artison bakery, in the summer I blow the heat out the roof, in the winder I blow it into the shop.  Always warm, dry and aromatic!
Shop view from the main entranceClick To Enlarge

Shop view from the main entrance

This is the studio for Puget Sound Woodworking, located in downtown Snohomish, Washington.  It is a small woodworking school and custom woodworking studio.  The shop was designed in Sketchup by the owner before it was bullt.  It is very comfortable to work in, with wonderful lighting, good equipment, dust collection throughout and an assortment of massive, one of a kind workbenches, built by the owner.

Design or Plan used: My own design - Puget Sound Woodworking
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