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Near Merezero

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KaplanThompson KaplanThompson, member
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Near Merezero | Exterior Overlooking the Water
Near Merezero | Before Renovation
Near Merezero | Remodeled Exterior
Near Merezero | Rear Exterior
Near Merezero | Interior
Near Merezero | Exterior Overlooking the WaterClick To Enlarge

Near Merezero | Exterior Overlooking the Water

Photo: Kaplan Thompson Architects

The Context:

Built in the 1970's the existing house had an unusual and eclectic character that the current owners loved, including a wide variety of recycled doors, windows, interior finishes, and an exposed post & beam barn structure. Despite the perfect south-facing orientation, however, the existing house provided low thermal comfort and high utility bills. The interior was gloomy and cut off from the surrounding garden and fields of the ten-acre property. The basement was awash with water and silt after every heavy rain. A beautiful private pond was virtually invisible from most living and bedroom spaces. A separate guest house/ studio, built in the 1990's, far from the main house, greatly disrupted natural ground water flows across much of the site.

The response:

A deep energy retrofit - to drastically reduce energy needs, with Net Zero as the goal. New windows and dormers - to greatly improve the relationship of the house to the south and the pond. New doors and porches - to open the house to a variety of exterior spaces. Reduce space needs and combine functions - to reduce the overall building footprint. Relocate the existing guest house/studio building and driveway - to improve ground water flows.

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