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Town house remodeling in Sunnyvale, CA

comments (1) July 16th, 2012 in Project Gallery, 2013 HOUSES Awards Gallery         Pin It
lati_cz lati_cz, member
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living room
tub bathroom
master bathroom
living roomClick To Enlarge

living room

I am long time subscriber of FH magazine and I'd like to participate in 2013 house awards.I am owner of very small remodeling company (me and helper) and provide full remodeling and design servicesI was contacted by homeowner of town house last year, she got my contact form her friend as a referral.The townhouse built in 70's was in original condition, HO wanted to do full remodel. She saw few my projects and gave me free hand with design and material selection under her approval. She also contributed to the design by selecting of some materials and colors. She asked for unique , but simple and striking design.We started with a flooring - bamboo pre finish hardwood floor together with baseboards was installed through the house, custom trims were installed on windows and doors with a decorative element which tied the trim to the floor. We sprayed new texture through house, the existing was inconsistent and badly damaged by unprofessional repairs. The whole place got new paint. All doors were re hung and new hardware and highs were installed.

We tore down wall between kitchen and living room, installed a bar for 3 instead with recessed arched back wall and foot rest. We used Crafstmaid cabinets and custom made wine cabinet with a quarts tops. We change locations of some of appliances and placed a small "office" on side of kitchen. The size of kitchen stayed unchanged - but feels much bigger and brighter now.  The living room had no main lighting so we installed large ceiling fixture. We ripped old tiles from fireplace and applied exterior stucco on body. We used poured concrete to create base and ledge. I used leftover of PSL header to create shelving for stereo on side of FP. HO required floating shelves, I did not want to use market product so I created my own non visible hangers - I drilled large bolts into studs, cut the heads off. Fabricated the shelves, drilled holes for bars, slided the sleeves onto bars, HO loved it.We completely demo'd the tub bath. We furred the long walls so the tiles on shower walls are flushed with tiles on walls. It was time consuming process but it paid off - tiles flush with walls create unique and highly noticeable effect and the walls are flat +/_ 16". We installed jacuzzi with a heater. Drywall was installed all the way down to the concrete slab, no baseboards were used and tiles on floor were precisely cut to walls. All trims and fixtures were installed recessed into drywall, special trim less el. outlets were used. HO required recessed medicine cabinet, but we did not find anything she liked. I proposed her my own design which she O.K.'d. It's a recessed cabinet with round mirror which opens/slides to the side. There's led lightning around the body, it's "tucked" under the mirror, so it is not noticeable when mirror is closed. It gives enough light and creates unique "sun" effect around the mirror. We also installed recessed niche above tub with a led light and glass shelf.We removed a shower curb in master bathroom, refloated uneven concrete slab and installed cureless shower. I did not find any lightning which would match the design. I used stock 3" LED recessed lights, I mounted them on fabricated base (each base has a 3 lights) and installed them recessed on ceiling. Stereo system is hidden in stock vanity, marine graded speaker system is installed in ceiling. We kept location the existing large medicine cabinet, we followed the simple design and door of the cabinet is flush with body trimmed by drywall so the door "floats" in wall. We created several niches trough the room - for heated towel rack, for towels, toilet paper storage. 3 way diverter was used in shower - one for handheld shower, one for 3 jets and I installed one large rain shower head in skylight window. We planned ahead and framed backing for bars for future usage in shower, when client will need them. We also added a seat in shower, HO did not want to use any common materials for top, I proposed glass top instead. We provided our shower enclosure suplier with templet and they cut and polish glass tempered seat. We did all work, we only subbed the quartz top installation, hardwood floor installation, wine cabinet, office desk and glass enclousere/seat. Also both medicine cabinets in bathrooms was done by cabinet maker upon my design and supervision.HO is extremely happy with outcome and I believe we did what she asked for - unique but striking design.

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GaryW GaryW writes: I recognize that project, and especially the backlit, sliding round mirror medicine cabinet. Michal is a fine designer with original ideas, excellent taste, and superb craftsmanship. It was a pleasure working with him.
Posted: 11:58 pm on July 20th

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