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Job Site Diaries

Building A Modern Craftsman Staircase

comments (4) August 20th, 2012 in Blogs
Matt Risinger Matt Risinger, Blogger

Video Length: 8:49
Produced by: Matt Risinger

What is Craftsmanship? My definition: "Precision Carpentry that leads to crisp details, and a visible sense of Pride from the completed work." I just made that up, but it sounds pretty good, eh? There are lots of "Carpenters" in the world, but only a few have the ability to produce the Craftsmanship of a very detailed staircase. What's your definition of "Craftsmanship"?
I recently completed a remodel of a Travis Heights 1920's house with Austin Architect's Rick & Cindy Black. The Black's designed a very detailed staircase for this historic house that fits well to the time period of the house but has some modern detailing. I shot some video during construction and thought I'd share. -Matt Risinger Principle of Risinger Homes in Austin TX 

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posted in: Blogs, remodeling, architecture, finish carpentry, restorations, additions, stairs, craftsman, arts and crafts, bungalow

Comments (4)

Edward1234 Edward1234 writes: Great Article. Thank you for posting this. You might be interested in checking out fine luxury homes by Brejnik Fine Homes( They build fine luxury houses. Brejnik team consists of qualified and trusted: Architects, Interior Designers, Appraisers / Lenders, Trades & Suppliers, Geo-technical engineers, Structural Engineers, Arborists, Landscape Architects, Pool & Water Feature.
Posted: 5:00 am on May 15th

Matt Risinger Matt Risinger writes: @7thLakeCarpentry. Yes, Amen.
@CarolinaNomad. No holes. We tilted the treads into the routed stringer on the right and ran those slots to have room to squeeze out extra PL400 without it oozing out the top.
Posted: 2:44 pm on September 6th

7thLakeCarpentry 7thLakeCarpentry writes: Carpenters are a dime a dozen, but "craftsmen" are a rare and dying breed.
Posted: 12:27 pm on September 6th

CarolinaNomad CarolinaNomad writes: I'm not sure how the PL 400 was placed at the end of the stairs. Does he create two holes on the riser and tread that feeds the PL 400 to the dadoes and places the pieces in-place before pumping the PL 400 through the holes to supply PL 400 in the dadoes?
Posted: 8:43 am on August 27th

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