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Square One: Good Home Design Starts Here

Square One: Good Home Design Starts Here

Design snapshot: Chimney tale

comments (3) September 6th, 2012 in Blogs
KHS Katie Hutchison, Contributor

Click To Enlarge Photo: Katie Hutchison

Often the most we see of a chimney is the three feet or so which extends above a roof top.  End chimneys, however, can have a larger impact.  This brick chimney with stone and ceramic accents is a standout.

It carves a unique silhouette with two primary tapers below the eave line and two subtle tapers toward the cap.  The unusual mix of material and color, coupled with the unique arrangement of components, teases our curiosity.  What is meant to occupy the herringbone niche at second-floor level?  What is the meaning of echoing the herringbone pattern above the niche?  How do we explain the placement of the stone elements?

This chimney seems to be telling a story.  Perhaps the two solitary rocks are eyes in an upside-down face, featuring a niche nose and ceramic "o" mouth above a herringbone goatee.  Or perhaps I've seen too many of those smiley-face Amex ads.

Whatever its story, this chimney reveals the human hand and spirit at work embellishing and communicating through abstraction.  It's an imaginative, compelling expression.  If only more chimneys exhibited such exuberance.

by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast and SquareOne


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Comments (3)

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Posted: 4:56 am on May 15th

JoanaByrnes JoanaByrnes writes: Very nice story. Thanks for sharing your insights and I really enjoyed reading the entire article.

Posted: 6:53 am on September 23rd

glfox2002 glfox2002 writes: I love the human element of design and build and think we should support craftsman and artisans over machinery and technology.

Posted: 8:19 am on September 15th

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