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Theres a Better Way

A Faster Way to Install Eye Screws

comments (7) November 6th, 2012
grateful.ed Chuck Miller, editor at large

Video Length: 1:18
Produced by: John Ross and Chuck Miller

If you've got a bunch of eye screws to install, you could do it the old-fashioned way using a screwdriver as a lever, but there's a better way.



After drilling a pilot hole for his eye screw, Frank Gunderman of Mission, British Columbia, starts the eye screw a little bit by hand. Then he reaches for Captain Hook; this is a drill-driver with an open hook in the chuck instead of a drill bit. Frank loops the hook through the eye screw and just runs it right on in. That's incredibly efficient. What a way to go.

Now the thing I want to point out about this is: You've got an open hook here, and it's spinning, so be very careful when you use this technique! If you've got a lot of eye screws to install, this tip will save you a lot of time. Just be careful.

Thanks, Frank. Great tip.


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posted in: drills and drivers

Comments (7)

atulniya atulniya writes: Mr Chuck Miller,
Your ideas are very very simple but fantastic.
Posted: 3:32 am on November 18th

MrBill250 MrBill250 writes: A 6 or 8 point socket the eye bolt just fits in will work.

Posted: 9:39 am on November 16th

urkie urkie writes: The demonstrator stated a danger in using this technique then foolishly stuck his finger in the hook. An index finger was still on the trigger of the drill. Reminds me of a naval chief engineer. Demonstrating a danger poking a finger in apart of the ship's steering mechanism and stating "don't". The helm was turned, the system responded and a finger was severed. He then stated coolly,"see what I mean?" True story!
Posted: 6:04 pm on November 12th

MaxToby MaxToby writes: McFeely sells special drive sockets for just this purpose. It can be used by hand or in a drill. Much, much safer.
Posted: 4:50 pm on November 12th

Dukegijoe Dukegijoe writes: I have a socket called an "alligator socket." Inside the socket are a series of metal spokes on springs. You can load the socket on your drill and then place the alligator socket over the eye hook. It fits most size eye hooks and works quickly, without a dangerous open end. Highly recommend it.
Posted: 9:27 am on November 12th

theobear theobear writes: No need to use an unsafe method. A google search for “eye bolt drill driver tool” turns up a safe tool at Home Depot for under $8: Ryobi SpeedLoad+ Wing Nut / Eye and Hook Bolt Driver Bit Kit
Model # AR2011
Internet # 202518733
Store SKU # 146380
or another tool at McFeely’s for under $7 at Wolfcraft Hook Driver Wc-2422
I suspect there are others, I stopped at the first 2 I found.

Posted: 5:36 am on November 12th

Gampy1 Gampy1 writes: Great tip Chuck but I agree that large spinning hook is extremely dangerous. You and I look to be the same age and we have been able to keep all our digits, etc. by spotting the inherent dangers of attachments like this. Imagine someone leaving that drill setup on the bench and getting into the hands of a kid!
I will use this technique in the future but will buy an extra eye bolt and spread the loop just wide enough to allow it to hook into the eye of the eye bolt being driven.
Posted: 10:02 am on November 7th

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