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Saving space in the home

comments (3) December 14th, 2012 in Project Gallery
alexpeters alexpeters, member

The S-BoxClick To Enlarge

The S-Box

Photo: CDUK

Saving space on cluttered worktop surfaces has been a problem for a long time in the home. Now, new innovation in the design of the S-Box haS helped designers and kitchen planners alike, re-think kitchen design with hidden storage spaces. 

The S-Box acts as a sophisticated solution in helping homes make the most of their otherwise wasted large volume spaces, in allowing an efficient and stylish design to hide away objects that clutter the room. In various styles in under-mounted, rebate or flush mounted, the S-Box can be used to store anything from spice racks to televisions and from iPads to knife sets. 

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Comments (3)

alexpeters alexpeters writes: @johndavies1971 thanks!

@louisread glad you found the post of interest - there is more information available here:

Posted: 7:00 am on December 19th

LouisRead LouisRead writes: I had something similar in my kitchen a few years ago, but this looks more neat and compact, what sizes do they come in?
Posted: 9:40 am on December 14th

JohnDavies1971 JohnDavies1971 writes: Looks pretty handy!
Posted: 5:31 am on December 14th

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