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Theres a Better Way

How to Keep Paint off a Carpet When Painting Baseboard

comments (0) March 1st, 2013
grateful.ed Chuck Miller, editor at large

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Video Length: 1:48
Produced by: John Ross and Chuck Miller

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Painter's Tool Bucket

If you need to paint baseboard next to a wall-to-wall carpet, you could try to peel that carpet back as you brush along the edge of the molding and hope you don't get any paint on it, but there's a better way.

Al Lemke from Hopewell Junction, N.Y., has figured out a way to get masking tape between the baseboard and the carpet. Here's how he does it. You want to use the sticky blue masking tape that's going to actually adhere the the carpet; you don't want to use a light-tack masking tape and run the risk of it pulling away. Leave about a 1/4-in. of tape running past the carpet that overlaps onto the baseboard. Now I take my putty knife or five-and-one tool and start working at one end and push the tape down. What I'm doing is just getting the tape tucked in between the edge of the carpet and the trim. You don't have to worry about getting it all the way down to the floor because the carpet's going to poof back up again and cover this intersection. All right, I think we're ready for some paint.

Now that we've let it dry, we're going to pull this tape up and see what kind of edge we ended up with. Looks great. Great tip, Al. Thanks so much for sending that in.

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