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Tips for Installing Drawer Slides and Cabinet Hinges

comments (8) October 1st, 2013 in Blogs

Video Length: 2:15
Produced by: John Ross and Chuck Bickford



Cabinetmaker Nancy Hiller showed us step-by-step how she installs door and drawer hardware to make here cabinets open and close perfectly. Watch for some great tricks to make this part of any cabinet project go more smoothly.

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Comments (8)

logan121 logan121 writes: These video will really prove to be helpful in installing cabinets in my kitchen and will save my lot of money also.

Posted: 1:20 am on October 25th

mikeruff mikeruff writes: Positively medieval.....

I haven't followed those instructions for almost 30 years.

Hettich has a fantastic 32 mm. jig that eliminates all but the most rudimentary

measurements. I cut my gables from the initial calculations & do not measure a

single thing after that. If your going to use European hardware you have to jump

in with....both feet ( pardon the pun )

Hardware is best installed before the cabinets are assembled.

When done properly, it's as easy as assembling as Ikea furniture but built to a

significantly higher level.

I taught many cabinet shops in my area & college students at our community

college the same techniques. Their furniture was finished better

( before assembly ) looked more professional, all within days of a short tutorial.
Posted: 7:21 pm on October 9th

BCLoco BCLoco writes: Enjoyed the series, nicely done!
Posted: 10:36 pm on August 19th

hmb hmb writes: very nice series - thx
Posted: 2:46 pm on June 4th

jacek jacek writes: It is Bloom -like in the springtime.

Posted: 10:59 pm on June 3rd

MartieBob MartieBob writes: In this part of the world, we pronounce Blum as "bloom". Same way Nancy says it.

Great videos, Nancy.
Posted: 5:59 pm on June 3rd

DML01 DML01 writes: So, if the installed drawers with easy close slides are "sticky", and were installed level and parallel,and presuming the side-to-side distance is not too small, would you use washers underneath the slides at the screws to reduce the side-to-side distance?
Posted: 5:26 pm on June 3rd

poppa11413676 poppa11413676 writes: The drawer slides are from Blum (as in plum) rather than Blum (as in bloom). Otherwise, great job Nancy.
Posted: 12:48 pm on June 3rd

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