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Editor's Notepad

Editor's Notepad

Wiring Video Tips

comments (0) December 10th, 2013 in Blogs

These five videos from the Fine Homebuilding archives can help you to save time and work safely on your next electrical project.

  • How to Work Efficiently in an Electrical Box: Once non-metallic sheathed cables are pulled into a box and stripped, it's time to organize the hot, neutral, and ground wires. This is a free preview to a members-only video series on wiring a garage workshop.

  • How to Run Non-Metallic Sheathed Electrical Cable: Use these tips on your next electrical rough-in project to keep your Romex-style cable from getting all kinked.

  • Mount an Electrical Box in a Tight Spot: With limited space to swing a hammer, there are still ways to install the box securely.

  • Snake Wires Through Old Walls: Use a piece of lathe to break the plaster keys and create a channel for you to pull your wire.

  • Long Electrical Runs in Closed Walls: Long drill bits can eliminate plaster tearout when rewiring old construction.

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