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Through the Lens

Through the Lens

Cool Sink

comments (15) June 26th, 2014 in Blogs
BrianVandenBrink51 Brian Vanden Brink, contributing photographer

Click To Enlarge Photo: © Brian Vanden Brink

This beautiful powder room sink was salvaged from a chemistry lab and is made of soapstone. The surrounding cabinet is made of old metal, stripped of its paint, leaving an interesting wood-like patina. The shelf to the left of the sink is a piece of left over counter top from the kitchen and is made of honed Irish stone. A great combination of materials and creativity. The builder was Houses and Barns by John Libby of Freeport, Maine. The house is also in Maine.

posted in: Blogs, bathroom, sink, soapstone, powder room, Houses and Barns by John Libby
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Comments (15)

JoshuAli JoshuAli writes: Nice share
Posted: 3:31 am on November 2nd

BenjaimWelch BenjaimWelch writes: good Share
Posted: 5:34 am on October 20th

LewisGrey LewisGrey writes: Hey fantastic
Posted: 5:18 am on October 19th

RayAlkarz RayAlkarz writes: Good share
Posted: 10:53 pm on October 18th

JefferyFrence JefferyFrence writes: Good job
Posted: 1:48 am on October 16th

HembridJoy HembridJoy writes: Good Share
Posted: 5:58 am on October 14th

AlbertRoy AlbertRoy writes: Great one
Posted: 4:32 am on October 14th

PeterCane PeterCane writes: Really nice
Posted: 11:10 pm on October 12th

HarryBoltan HarryBoltan writes: looking nice
Posted: 5:58 am on October 9th

JessicaRedmond JessicaRedmond writes: that look like
Posted: 8:03 am on October 3rd

AlexRoy AlexRoy writes: Great share
Posted: 7:42 am on October 3rd

KennethBenge KennethBenge writes: awesome
Posted: 5:58 am on July 9th

ThomasDavis ThomasDavis writes: gud share
Posted: 4:06 am on July 7th

Karencole Karencole writes: impressive
Posted: 1:16 am on May 18th

KimikoRegalado KimikoRegalado writes: great work
Posted: 2:59 am on May 16th

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