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Through the Lens

Through the Lens

The One That Almost Got Away

comments (0) August 7th, 2014 in Blogs
Lincoln_Barbour Lincoln Barbour, contributing photographer

While I was photographing this Japanese inspired pool house in Portland, OR, the owner kept hinting how beautiful it looked at night. He said it looked like a latern. I had spent all day photographing in the hot summer sun and was pretty beat by the end of the day. I had packed up my camera and was about to leave just as the sun set. The pool house transformed before my eyes. I was spell bound. I scrambled to get my digital back view camera back together and had less than a handful of mintues to get this shot before the sky went black. Architecture photography is never a speedy process, but I'm sure glad I hustled to get this shot. It's been in my portfolio ever since.

posted in: Blogs, architecture, outdoor spaces, dusk, Pool House

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