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Who cuts drywall with a circular saw?

comments (5) March 26th, 2009 in Blogs

I was just watching TV and there was a report on about tainted Chinese drywall, which by most estimates, could be in as many as 60,000 homes. I wasn’t shocked by the revelation, but what really floored me was the video footage of contractors cutting drywall to size with a circular saw (and a wormdrive to boot).

Now, this leaves me to conclude one of two things, and the wormdrive saw is the giveaway. Either this method is a technique on the West coast that I haven’t encountered since I live in New York, or this was done by the networks to sensationalize the amount of dust created during cutting for “cinematic effect.” I happen to think the latter.

But now, I sure am tempted to try it for myself. I mean, can anything produce more dust than cutting drywall with a RotoZip?


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Comments (5)

oldbuilder oldbuilder writes: Ok I have seen carpenters put up party walls and cut through the one inch drywall with a circular saw. Yes what a mess. Without dust masks. Not on the west coast on the east coast.
Posted: 2:46 am on October 17th

Gadjet Gadjet writes: Let's see how many ways "CAN" we wreck a circular saw??? My crews over the years have found many interesting ways. The number one has to be a drop, from a roof, scaffold etc. Number two, cutting into concrete, rock etc. One on my favorites, which luckily I might add didn't hurt anyone, (except pride)was the day "someone" ran the saw through a 220VAC line ... Yee Haw, ... fireworks! Thank god for electrical Breakers!

Can't say any the guys dreamed up cutting drywall. I don't even like using the recip through drywall on renos! Circular saw for drywall, are you nuts???

....Next thing you know, they'll be allowing drywall dust damage on the warranty for vacuums! When did you say hell was freezing over?
Posted: 10:16 pm on May 25th

FHB_WEB FHB_WEB writes: @wcontracting -- Thanks for the comment. In related news, I heard a news story that some of this drywall has been found in many post-Hurricane Katrina homes.
Posted: 11:32 am on April 13th

wcontracting wcontracting writes: That's not west coast. that media scare tactics
Posted: 11:27 pm on April 6th

JFink JFink writes: I thought cutting 3/4-in. MDF with a circ saw made some dust, but drywall? geez...
Posted: 9:51 am on March 27th

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